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SmartNapAlarm assures wake you up only after your desirable sound sleep

Smart Nap Alarm is a tool to set the alarm on Android phone with the better user experience, to avoid wake up by alarm in the morning on a holiday.

Currently, the Alarm in Android phone will set alarm in weekdays, but in real world, the holiday and bank holiday be in the weekdays, thus a morning alarm may disturb the user’s sleep in a holiday morning. Smart Alarm will store the holiday information and support to set or modify the alarms based on holiday schedule.

The other cool features are jointing days off between holiday or weekend, and supporting gesture on calendar to add several days to annual leave.

The key purpose of this app is that the alarm clock ensures that the users rest for the desired time and that the users are awakened. The users also can set the length of time they want to sleep on the alarm clock of phone. When the phone detects that the user is asleep, the alarm clock start timing. After reaching the length of time set by the user, the alarm starts waking up the user.

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