Version: V1

Chat without language barriers and discover cultures with robots or humans.

Are you passionate about other languages? Chat without language barriers with robots or foreigners. Learn about the Top Culture of other countries.

* Chat with robot (available 24h / 24h) and discover the top culture of the countries in another language (Top cuisine, Top places of interest, Top sport, Top TV ...).
* Chat with robot: use the MICRO and say "Top Cuisine", "Top Sport", "Top Monuments", "Top .." or use the menu at the bottom.
* Chat with foreigners who speak other languages: More than 30 languages ​​available.
* Friend Search: Use the "Friend Search" menu to send queries to friends.
* Friend list management: Add, request, cancel.
* Voice translation: Use the MICRO to speak and hear in another language.
* Repeat: Repeat the last chat message sent.
- The chatbot is learning and the answers are improving day by day.
- Choose from the initial menu: French or English language.
- Check in the settings of your smartphone the text to speech option if you do not hear the voice.

Steps for a first use:
1- Register with an Opeech account (choose 2 languages: native language and preferred language).
2- You can update your profile picture by clicking on the image.
3- Click on chatbots buttons to train before chatting with real partners.
4- Click on the "Friend" button to search and make friend requests.
5- The button at the top right (near the "Friends" button) allows you to know the queries of friends in progress.
6- The left-handed "chats" contains the list of current chats. Click on it to continue the chat.
7- The right-handed "Friends" contains the list of accepted friends.

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