Play more with your stuffs! Juzlinkit is a rich enabled text processing app that brings together multiple utility from your phone, smart meeting notifications, text hyperlinks,  set reminders, find location, click to call, weather report, set reminders, bookmarks, currency converter and many more.

It reads your current day meetings and help you to remind when to proceed for meeting location with available routes.

It also identifies your thoughts or text present in your inbox, email or in Social application to produce smart suggestions through which you can utilize the other applications better than before.  

That’s ‘utility’ – less time in-multiple apps

Key features:

- Smart meeting notification reminder with navigation support
- Works with all calendars on your phone, including Exchange and sync present day  events.
 - Meeting location finder
 - Smart text suggestion that process your text and provides suggestion on it.
- Add notes to Juzlinkit and keep it to yourself so that you can find later
- Bookmark your thoughts or notes in order to processed or find later.
- Share ideas or notes with your friends and families.  
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Terms of Use (GCUs)

Juzlinkit Service for Android OS



The Juzlinkit Service is a rich enabled text processing app that helps User to identify important text like for example person name, contact  number, locations, date, and produce smart suggestions, which includes location weather updates, meeting scheduler, alarm generator, set reminders, click to call, currency converter on a Device compatible with Android OS (the “Service”).

The Service is provided by Orange SA, a French limited company (société anonyme) with capital of 10,595,541,532€, headquartered at 78, rue Olivier de Serres, 75015 Paris, France, with offices at Orange Labs, 38-40 rue du Général Leclerc, 92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France (“Orange Labs”).

The Service accessible via the Juzlinkit software application is open to any individual who wishes to use the Service for his/her own needs and for strictly personal, non-commercial purposes.

The Service is provided free-of-charge in without any territory limitation.

Access to and use of the Service are subject to these General Conditions of Use (the “GCU”), which the User expressly accepts when registering for the Service.



In these GCU, the following terms shall, unless otherwise stated, have the following meanings:

Application: means to the software application titled Juzlinkit, which provides access to the Service and is available for free on the GOOGLE Inc, Google Play Store and which the User has chosen to download onto his/her Device for free from the Google Play Store.

Networks: means the electronic communication networks open to the public operated by Orange SA, regardless of the technology or standards used by these networks (cable, satellite, ADSL, optical fibre, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, Wi-Fi, WIMAX, etc.).  The Service is connected to the Networks.

Device / Devices: means all Android operating system terminal devices (including touch-screen tablet-type mobile devices) which may be connected to the Internet via the Networks.

User: means a natural person, whether adult or a minor who has obtained prior permission from their legal representative to use the Service, who uses the Service for their own needs and for personal, non-commercial purposes.



These GCU’s govern Orange Labs’ provision and the User’s use of the Service.



3.1 Technical Requirements

To use the Service from the Application, the User must have a Device and have subscribed to a data option in their mobile phone subscription, regardless of the mobile operator the User subscribes to.

3.2 Service Activation

The User confirms that the information he or she provides to Orange Labs is continuously reliable, accurate and current.


Orange Labs provides the Service to the User for free, excluding any mobile phone subscription costs or charges for connection and access to the internet or Networks.



The User will inform Orange Labs of any unauthorised use of his/her account, or any other threat to the security of his/her account.  The User warrants that he/she (i) does not live in a country subject to an embargo by the United States government or is designated by the United States government as a ‘terrorist supporting country’ and (ii) is not on a United States government list of ‘prohibited or restricted parties’.  The User warrants that he/she will comply with the terms of any third-party contracts related to the User’s use of the Application. In particular, the User must confirm that he/she is not in violation of the terms of his/her data or mobile phone subscriptions.



Orange Labs is responsible for providing the resources necessary so that the Service operates correctly. Orange Labs undertakes to maintain the continuity and quality of the Service.

To fully benefit from the Service, the User may need to download the updates Orange Labs provided by Orange Labs as available. Any downloaded Application is only valid for a limited time, and is subject to change based on updates and any new technical, legislative or regulatory changes over which Orange Labs has no control. Orange Labs in no way guarantees that the Service and/or Application are error-free or suited to the specific needs of the User.



Orange Labs reserves the right to stop providing the Service in the GOOGLE Inc, Google Play Store without prior notice and without penalty. Orange Labs may at any time permanently stop providing the Service.



The User is solely responsible for the data that he/she provides via the Service and warrants that such data is completely accurate and complete. The data collected by the Service is processed and used for the purposes of providing the Service.

Orange Labs and its third-party partners collect and process the User’s information in compliance with current regulations in order to provide and improve the Service. Orange Labs may be required to share a User’s information if requested by a court of law or governmental authority. During the term of the User’s use of the Service and for purposes of evidence, a User’s data and information concerning the User’s use of the Service are retained and stored in compliance with legal requirements.

The User may contact Orange Labs with any questions regarding Orange Labs’ data retention policies in accordance with Article 11 below.



9.1 User Rights

The User is and remains the owner of his or her data and any messages sent or received by the User.

9.2 Orange Labs’ Rights

Orange Labs is and remains the owner of its Service, the Application, software, software applications, graphic guidelines, trademarks, logos, concepts, technologies, software, databases and content made available to the User.

The User agrees that he/she does not acquire any intellectual property rights in Orange Labs’ property. The User shall expressly refrain from using Orange Labs’ property for any purpose other than as set out in the GCU.

Any improvements, updates, derivative works or upgrades regarding the Service, whether performed, created or developed by Orange Labs, are and remain Orange Labs’ property, and you recognise and expressly accept that any contribution in the form of services, suggestions, ideas, reports, identification or defects, expenditure, or any other contribution made by the User shall not confer any right, title or interest in any of the elements or components of the Service.

9.3 Licence

Orange Labs hereby grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, revocable right of use, valid globally, for as long as the Service is available free of charge and the User uses the Application on an Android compatible Device.  The right of use is subject to compliance with these GCU and the GOOGLE Inc, Google Play Store terms of use.

These GCUs do not give the User, with respect to the Application, its source code and/or software components, the right to sublicense, assign, use, copy, modify, distribute, access, disassemble, decompile or translate the Application, except as expressly authorised by applicable law.



If one or more terms in these GCUs are deemed null and void by application of a law or regulation, or as the result of a final decision of a competent court, the remaining terms continue in full force and applicability.  Any terms deemed null and void shall be replaced by terms similar in content to the invalid terms.

These GCU are governed by French law. The parties will not be held responsible, or considered to have breached these GCU, in the event of any delay or incomplete performance caused by a force majeure as defined by the case law of the French courts.


Article 11 - CONTACT

Any claim or dispute concerning the Service must be emailed to Orange Labs in the ‘Contact us’ section of the Application.








RCS Paris 380 129866

Société anonyme au capital de 10.595.541.532 Euros,

Siège social : 78, rue Olivier de Serres, 75015 Paris

75015 PARIS

N° de téléphone :


Publisher director

Stéphane Richard


Hosting services provider


Société anonyme

RCS PARIS 380 129 866

Siège social : 78 rue Olivier de Serres, 75015 Paris

N° de téléphone :






ORANGE LABS holds and keeps the identification data of its Users in accordance with the regulations in force. Any claim or challenge concerning the Service must be sent by email in the ‘Contact us’ section of the Application.


Third party software
1. Android staggered grid
Copyright 2013 Etsy
Android staggered grid is distributed under the terms and conditions of the Apache license version 2.0 (

2. khandroid httpclient version 4.2.3
Copyright Ognyan Bankov
khandroid httpclient is distributed under the terms and conditions of the Apache license version 2.0 (

3. Volley (
Copyright The Open Source Android Project
Volley is distributed under the Apache license version 2.0 (


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