Orange Labs Prime Zone

Orange Labs Prime Zone is a website that offers everyone, whether Orange customer or not, the opportunity to get a sneak preview of the mobile and tablet applications designed by Orange Labs team.

Using these applications could not be easier! All you have to do is download the application that you want to explore from your usual application store. It’s free! You can then tell us your first impressions and make comments and suggestions, either via the Orange Labs Prime Zone site itself, or on our Facebook page or our Twitter account.

The Orange Labs Prime Zone teams offer you innovative applications: new uses, new technologies, new concepts. You will be the first to try them! But please be aware that these are not commercial Orange applications.

Although they are completely finished, these applications may be withdrawn overnight if we consider that they do not meet immediate needs. This is the risk we run when we try to anticipate user needs!

By offering you exclusive access to ideas for new services and concepts, we are trying to improve your mobile experience and develop services that meet your real needs.

The Orange Labs Prime Zone site is both interactive and dynamic:

  • Interactive: the Orange Labs Prime Zone site enables a high degree of interactivity between the teams designing applications upstream and the future users of these applications. Users can leave comments, suggest functional or technical improvements, tell us about their experience, ask questions about the applications they use or contact our teams of researchers, developers, usability experts and designers directly.
  • Dynamic: the Orange Labs Prime Zone site will regularly offer new applications for download. You can therefore get an exclusive preview of the new technologies and concepts that may one day become flagship Orange applications. Furthermore, news on various topics can be found on the website, on our Facebook page, and on our Twitter feed.

Do you want to give your view on the applications designed by our Orange Labs teams to help us build the innovations of the future? What are you waiting for? Join us on Orange Labs Prime Zone!

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Despite all the care that we take with our applications, they may turn out to be too complex or not user-friendly enough. So get in touch if you get stuck.

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